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Колела HYPER Pro 250 Оранжеви

Колела HYPER Pro 250 Оранжеви
Цена: 60,00 лв.
Производител: HYPER
Код на продукт: Pro250 4set 84A
Наличност: Out Of Stock

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Колела HYPER Pro 250 Оранжеви Колела HYPER Pro 250 Оранжеви

Pro 250 Orange, the legend continues: #1 in outdoor hockey! The longest lasting outdoor hockey wheel in the world, the ultimate off-ice training wheel that, on any skate, will last longer than you. The outdoor hockey wheel by which all others are measured.

Pro250 chemistry for the longest lasting results 82A for smooth outdoor surfaces and 84A for rough outdoor surfaces, Circle8 power core in standard size.

The Hyper Hockey brand is built on a tradition of performance innovations through player and product research. The Hyper legacy spans more than two decades, and this experience and devotion to the sport has never been more prevalent than in this year’s product line up for 2016.

It’s all about the grip with Hyper’s indoor wheels and durability on outdoor wheels. The one-two punch of Hyper’s leading indoor chemistries and Outdoor long lasting compounds can’t be beat. That’s why more players turn to Hyper game after game from pickup to tournament series.

WE WANT YOU! From all out grip, to blazing speed, HYPER HOCKEY is set to tear it up.

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Комплект: 4 броя колела
Твърдост: 84А

Официaлен сайт: http://www.hyperwheels.com

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