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Шина RAPID 3S UNISET 3*125

Шина RAPID 3S UNISET 3*125
Цена: 199,00 лв.
Производител: TEMPISH
Код на продукт: 101100501319
Наличност: В наличност

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Шина RAPID 3S UNISET 3*125 Шина RAPID 3S UNISET 3*125

Complete set of universal TEMPISH RAPID 3S UNI chassis for in-line skates attachable by 2 central screws with TEMPISH RADICAL wheels, spacers, axis, bearings and screws for attaching to boot.

TEMPISH RAPID 3S UNI chassis is made of high strength AL A356 alloy and is very robust and durable.

Construction allows to attach 3 wheels up to 125mm diameter.

First and last wheel pitch is: 276 mm/10,87’’

Attaching holes range for boot 150 mm to 195 mm covers the most commonly used pitches 150, 165, 180 a 195 mm.

Hole in chassis under the instep (in front part) allows transverse individual adjustment of chassis position towards the boot according to customers body constitution and skating style.

Coated by Elox technology.

Wheels: TEMPISH RADICAL 3*125 90A

Bearings: ABEC 9 chrome, top-speed, hi-precision with rubber duster

Colour: black – black matt

Video provided by roleri.net: https://youtu.be/zBvAspFV0kM

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