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Ролери SEBA TRIX 2 W

Ролери SEBA TRIX 2 W
Цена: 599,00 лв.
Производител: SEBA
Код на продукт: SSK-TRX2W
Наличност: Pre-Order

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Brand new in the SEBA Skates family please welcome the TRIX 2 W Because at SEBA we think that every foot should have a fitting skate we designed these models to suit the thinner shape of a woman foot As well as being more comfortable these skates have a more feminine design with a V cut liner a thinner and girlier strap and a pink touch in the wheels seams and laces And because security and comfort is also a riding style we equipped these skates with a removable brake so that you can choose how you want to ride.
Fully customizable color kits available.

Boots: Plastic shell with soft cover, Triangle plastic cuff, Integrated Frame Mounting Plates (7 Holes in Front & Back)
Liners: Integrated Non-Removable Liners, Memory Foam Molds to Your Feet
Closing: Top power strap + SEBA double strap + toe strap + laces
Frames: SEBA Classic R1 243mm Aluminum Frames, 4x80mm (Max 80mm), Lateral Adjustment Capability, Two Mounting Slots in Front and Back,
Wheels: SEBA 80mm 82A Wheels
Bearings: SEBA Twincam ILQ7
Sizes: 35 - 42 EU
Brake: Included
Custom color kits available: white, blue, green, violet, yellow, red

Video provided by SEBA: https://vimeo.com/123218866

За повече информация посетете нашия форум: http://www.roleri.net/forum

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